Second Doctor Episode Watch Post


Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor being completely and utterly adorable.

The Doctor, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite littlest Cosmic Hobo, was played by Patrick Troughton from 1966-1969 alongside companions Ben, Polly, Victoria, Zoe, and most notably, Jamie.

Most of these serials exist entirely in recon form. Recon meaning reconstruction, as the BBC burned many of the episodes.

All audio remains for every serial, and telesnaps exist for all but one, thus reconstructions have images from the actual episodes being shown with the audio. BBC has also released narrated episode audio, allowing for a more fully understandable recon.

Some serials have a few episodes surviving, some have a few scenes, and some have clips that were removed due to censoring. I’ve marked which have surviving footage, but might’ve miss a few that have only have a scene/clips surviving.

As of posting this list all these links work, but give me a heads up if any stop working and I’ll do my best to replace it. This list will be updated as necessary or when I see fit.

DVDs of surviving episodes can be found at (but aren’t limited to) BBC America, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as narration of the surviving audio available via audiobook. Photonovels feature screen captures from the lost episodes and (not entirely accurate) scripts exist as well.


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Oh this is epic. Epic. Thank you so so much for compiling this list.

lostthehat said: I’ll make a post of links later after I finish my work for the day. Will have to collect them, so I can’t promise a speedy result, but I can promise they’ll be Troughton.

oh THANK YOU. Whenever you have time, of course. Anything would be greatly appreciated!

#all promises of Troughton make me a very happy person

littleappletree said: Thank you so much! In that case I’ve even watched a recon since I watched/listened to the short version of Marco Polo. The Crusade and The Moonbase had only the audio track. So it was not that clear what happened but the dialogue mostly gave it away.

You’re welcome! Always happy to help people watch the missing episodes. There are some really wonderful stories there, and it always breaks my heart knowing what was lost ;_;

The Moonbase has one or two existing episodes :D (which I thought were really great and rather creepy).

I think a link page for the recons is in order. Perhaps when I get back from vacation.. though I will try to get the best copies first…

person-of-pasta said: Recons that use the BBC soundtrack releases with narration (or the soundtracks alone) are much easier for me than ones like Loose Cannon. I did find at least one recon with subtitles, though and I know someone who may have more.

I’ve only listened to the Loose Cannon ones! Ooh I am looking forward to seeing/listening to better versions. Particularly of The Highlanders or Evil of the Daleks. Those had such poor images that it was really difficult for me to follow sometimes.

Any info you could share regarding the ones with subtitles would be greatly appreciated! Even the name - for then I could start googling…

lostthehat said: Oooh, I’ll have to link you to the good recons later. The audio narrations are so much better than any other and I have a few good makers that I only listen to/watch because I am a recon snob. Also, Frazer narrating recons? Yes please.

Ooh yes please! And Frazer narrating? Pffft.


2) he has a lovely voice

3) I’ve listened to his narrating of the Ice Warriors audiobook and he does them very well


5) *ahem*

Does anybody else get slightly annoyed when people don’t bother with the re-cons of old Doctor Who episodes?




Un-impressed TheMoonbase!Jamie is unimpressed.

I totally understand why people don’t want to sit through recons — it’s sometimes hard to find good ones, and even so, if you’re a visual person they can be really rough, especially with serials that are completely gone. I personally don’t have a problem with them, because I usually multitask while I watch TV anyway, and I think there are quite a few episodes that definitely should be watched in recon form, but I understand both sides.

Nah.  I get far more annoyed when people don’t bother watching any of the surviving ’60s episodes.

Gods, yes.

But I do appreciate how difficult the recons can be for people that are very visual. I’m pretty visual as well, and I struggle with Big Finish for this reason (I kind of have to train my brain to process it, and often rewind). But I’ve found that the payoff is very much worth the effort.

So while I appreciate people not watching recons because they’re challenging to follow, I do admit I feel frustrated with people who just write them off. I think there’s a difference? And those that won’t watch something just because it’s in black and white? I don’t even *shakes head*