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#I know where his tomb lies #D: Oh but the real question here is: do you know where his tomb tells the truth? /sorrysorrysorry

*giggles stupidly*

That’s terrible

that’s wonderful

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I think it's scary that even if that one post is fake it is still believable that he could have said that?? I dunno. Politics, man. People. Politics. Scary stuff. Or, in honor of Halloween tumblr, spooky stuff.

Spooky? Stuff of nightmares!!

Radioactive soup and I were just talking about we could so believe he would say that. You know it’s bad when you really honestly can’t tell the difference between a real quote and something from a variation of the Onion. *shivers*

Can I have zombies instead?

um wait maybe no

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You will not be sorry.

welp, 12 minutes in and I’m really liking it already.

Second Doctor Episode Watch Post


Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor being completely and utterly adorable.

The Doctor, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite littlest Cosmic Hobo, was played by Patrick Troughton from 1966-1969 alongside companions Ben, Polly, Victoria, Zoe, and most notably, Jamie.

Most of these serials exist entirely in recon form. Recon meaning reconstruction, as the BBC burned many of the episodes.

All audio remains for every serial, and telesnaps exist for all but one, thus reconstructions have images from the actual episodes being shown with the audio. BBC has also released narrated episode audio, allowing for a more fully understandable recon.

Some serials have a few episodes surviving, some have a few scenes, and some have clips that were removed due to censoring. I’ve marked which have surviving footage, but might’ve miss a few that have only have a scene/clips surviving.

As of posting this list all these links work, but give me a heads up if any stop working and I’ll do my best to replace it. This list will be updated as necessary or when I see fit.

DVDs of surviving episodes can be found at (but aren’t limited to) BBC America, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as narration of the surviving audio available via audiobook. Photonovels feature screen captures from the lost episodes and (not entirely accurate) scripts exist as well.


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Oh this is epic. Epic. Thank you so so much for compiling this list.

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Hello, again!

Hello! I am alive. And dating. And working again. I much prefer the former. Tho the latter gives me money. And stress. The former is just leaves me feeling full of awesome :D

I hope you are well? I read about your hand giving you trouble again. Craaaaap #sends Terrible-esque Highlander fanfic finding vibes your way #and a jelly fish #cuz dang those things are awesome

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*hugs back* Thanks, darlin’ :)

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congrats on the new girlfriend!

Thanks! She’s pretty awesome, pretty special, pretty in general. All sorts of wonderful. And follows my tumblr :p *blows kisses in radioactivesoup’s direction*

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Haven't heard much from your direction in a while, everything alright?

Ah, thank you for asking, and sorry for worrying you! Yes, yes, I’m perfectly fine. I’ve just been distracted with life and things going on - good things! I have a new girlfriend! :D *waves to radioactivesoup* - and I’ve gotten a kind of writer’s block thing where I can’t think of anything to say, or if I have something to say the words just stop, so I say nothing. And tumblr is a void that I find difficult to just tip my toe into so I’ve not logged on at all. But I should say something, as I am developing friendships here (I hope) and I shouldn’t leave y’all hanging.

Please have a Troughton as an apology.

(Troughton cures all ills)

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Yep. The facebook page dedicated to finding her says that her dad, I think, said she’s back and she’s okay. Didn’t find any official source on it, but the FB page has disappeared, so maybe they took it down because of that?

That sounds likely. Thanks again for the info :)

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I’ve never drawn Jamie in overalls. I should remedy this someday.

There is the photographic evidence, as you know, in The Two Doctors, of Jamie writhing on the floor in tight overalls.

Ok, and also … writhing? .. all over Peri?

Frazer you enjoyed that too much didn’t you?

I probably would too

if Nicola liked it

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This picture always gives me mixed feelings of “hot damn, Frazer” and “ohmegoshbbjamieletmeholdyou”

It’s an almost impossible to describe expression. At first it looks like you’ve just looked up at him and he’s said “you’re pretty good at that.” lewd reference ftw

On the other hand, he also looks vulnerable and distrustful.

And also “yeah, I know you think I’m hot.”

Yes, well, Frazer… yes.

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I think it’s on an iPod app too, sneaky Frazer Hines sneaking into app stores and shocking me with his face.

The best way to be shocked.

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ffff. Not saying Two is innocent, aside from butterfly times. Need I remind you? One word: #lacegate (ohgodnowimbringingitup)

waaaaitaminute.. *narrows eyes* Lacegate. Lacegate.

Did Jamie have his hair curled? Did Two’s hands tremble? Was it as dirty as I remembered it? Implied dirty, maybe. The TPC is rarely that graphic here.

beelzibubbles said: I find it very difficult to read fics like that, the wording is too gratuitous and I picture everything vividly and there is some weird stuff in some of these things. I tend to skip through the sexy bits and fill in the gaps with my own dirty mind.

There is some weird stuff in some. Some very questionable consent issues, which bothers me a great deal. Personally I prefer to read about sexy tiems with my favourite characters without being reminded of my own rape(s). kthx.


*goes back to picturing Two’s hands fluttering and Jamie dressed in soft silky things*

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Because happy Two over butterflies is too innocent a picture for Jack to corrupt by trying to put on his ~sexytimes~ and he can feel the tartan colored rays of dislike coming from Jamie’s eyes.

Tartan-coloured rays of dislike, indeed!

How soon would jealous!Jamie turn into sad!Jamie and then how soon would I cry for him? Soon.

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Then I don’t think we’re all talking about the same fic, because the one I remember was just Jack hitting on Jamie and nothing else really happened.

I found Jack with Two, and Jack with Jamie, but not Jack with both. At least, not so far.