So often, I find that something done in TV Who already happened in a better Big Finish story


I just listened to The Holy Terror. Creepy, unnaturally powerful kid looking for its parent? This seems a lot like The Empty Child. Only better. And first. And with a sadder ending.

Because that’s what Big Finish do. The Doctor running into another “Doctor” saving the world with his companion and a TARDIS that he hasn’t got quite right? The One Doctor is better than the The Next Doctor. A Christmas special all about family with Narnia references? Relative Dimensions even has characters called Susan and Lucie (shh, spelling doesn’t matter). Slightly insane TARDISes going round in human bodies? Unregenerate! and Zagreus have everything and more than The Doctor’s Wife had. And Time Lords. Dalek was great but Jubilee was the original and better version. The Tub Full of Cats has a truly Impossible Astronaut, along with some huge family issues and it’s wonderful. Daleks and all the recent returning characters in the most heartbreaking finale Doctor Who has ever had is To The Death, not Journey’s End. (Okay, TV Who did that one first but since LM/TTD gives me more feelings in the first two scenes than TSE/JE does in the entire story, I get to count it.)