You’re not a REAL Doctor Who fan unless


  • you are the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer
  • have information on all things a Gallifreyan holds most dear
  • have linked into the Matrix through its exitonic circuitry
  • you understand dimensional and relative chronometry


Revenge of the Cybermen

in which the Doctor is blase about the complexities of time travel, Sarah is amused and Harry is bewildered


Rani: Incompetent fool! You’re worthless! 
Doctor: Not to me, she isn’t.
You’ll do well to remember that. 

Classic Who + Text Posts


Q&A in Rio [x]


The Ultimate Time Lord: Peter’s like the annoyed older brother, Sylv and Colin are the troublesome middle children who can’t shut up, and Paul’s the kid brother who watches the ridiculous antics of his siblings with rapt attention.


I love how people outside of the classic who fandom are so insistent that everyone hates six and adric and pays no attention to eight when really it’s just like

colin baker is god. worship the ground on which his crocs have touched. tomorrow we light our monthly memorial for our dearly missed adric and publish another book to give to paul mcgann for being such a cutie.


in new who the story arcs get taken so seriously and stuff

"bad wolf"
“vote saxon”
“silence will fall”

whereas in classic who we have a guy with a dead bird on his head trying to get a ginger alien to kill the doctor with rocks


make me choose » shape-shifter-malcolm-tucker asked: Liz or the Brig

God I love her.



Classic Doctor Who fandom in-jokes for the uninitiated.

this probably has a lot of mistakes but it’s my first tumblr powerpoint also i used comic neue



The first and second Doctors walk into a bar. Unfortunately the rest of this joke is missing, but you can always watch the recon of it


so I read this post and then this happened


so I read this post and then this happened