Frazer Hines as Joe and he's working on farm equipment, shirt kind of undone, hair all mused and dayum sir, you need to stop. Them jeans should be illegal.

This is….

this is this.

It is.

Early Emmerdale Farm is really just a sea of Frazer Yum. Yeah.

hmmm thinking of the hanky code reminded me of this

Hey Joe, what do you know?

*looks up red hanky*

uh, oh. ah.

And this is the late 70s when the hanky code was still in use. Oh Frazer, whose idea was this? And you’ve got that little red flag there in every episode. *raises eyebrow*

Oh yeah, there were more Mundane Adventures of Jamie on a Farm gifs


Very catchy name.


And there’s warning of a possible adorable overload.

All wrapped up in a sweater vest.

Adorable, and also showing off for the beautiful woman on the horse. Also stroking his arse as he talks to the beautiful woman on the horse. And resting his hands on said arse while he’s talking to her. Is that a Freudian slip, Frazer?


His fashion sense is as impeccable as always.

Why didn’t I reblog this back in the day? Maybe because I hadn’t started watching it yet.

In Joe’s defense, those are barn clothes. One doesn’t wear fashionable stuff while working in the barn.

uh.. ok, Joe didn’t wear fashionable clothes while working in the barn. Or didn’t at first.

This is a great improvement.


Why can’t I stop watching Emmerdale Farm?!

…Oh right.

I found this, stalking the Emmerdale Farm tag. It’s also a bit GPOY.

Hello horrible sweater vest/shirt combo!

You know, I joked last night about how most of my caps of Emmerdale Farm were of Frazer’s bottom. And while that is true, it’s also true that the one’s that aren’t, rather suck :-/

So have another Dang Your Legs, Boy cap:

Joe is ordering drinks from the bartender. Is your date going well, luv? Aww how can she not like you, look at how cute you are!

cheesybakeoven replied to your post: Frazer Hines in “Joe’s Adventures in Wooing the Posh Woman”

I think there’s something wrong with the fact that trousers look so much more ~revealing~ on him that his pretty miniskirt…I mean kilt. I’ve noticed this in other shots too. They…accentuate his thighs or something and why am I even looking,arggh!

Well, HOW DO YOU NOT LOOK? That man’s legs are amazing. I think he’s just got large thighs, and his trousers are generally snug (as was the fashion then). His legs remind me of all the cyclists’ legs I saw growing up with my bike racing father and brother. I gotta admit, as much as I love the kilt and think men should wear them all the time, I’m not really missing it here ^_^

Frazer Hines in “Joe’s Adventures in Wooing the Posh Woman”

Joe fancies Marian, and is buying her a drink in the pub.

dang my poor capping skills, he’s just turned around!

So I’ve been watching Emmerdale Farm

Because I am nostalgic for working in the barns. Yup.

Please note big brother Jack Sugden in the middle. You can recognize him because his clothes are clean and he’s not fucking doing anything. I think he’s a prat. Farm hand on the left, Matt, nice fella. That’s Jack’s brother Joe on the right, played by our Frazer Hines. I apologize for my poor capping skills. I didn’t manage to cap his face :-|

cheesybakeoven replied to your post: I should be going to bed. It’s 12:40 am. Am I…

I would care. Deeply. (I almost typed derply. Alrighty then.) But then again, #frazersexuals gotta stick together. :P

Oh yes indeedy. Frazer’s Bottom on the Emmerdale Farm cap spam will commence, then!

I should be going to bed. It’s 12:40 am. Am I going to watch an episode of Emmerdale Farm instead?

Yes I am.

I’ve been thinking of spamming you lot with caps from this show but have been hesitating because, well, who amongst you would care? But then I realize that most of my caps appear to be of Frazer Hines’ bottom. So.

Maybe I’ll do it anyway.

JACK?? That wanker? I think not.

HAH. I BEAT YOU. Thanks, Joe

"Don’ make nowt difference any ro’  - cows still need milkin’ on farm"

Joe Sugden is always in love with someone ^_^

Also, at question 45 I may have stumped it! It’s given me two Coronation Street characters already, as well as a third I didn’t recognize. It also asked me if my character had ever been in Doctor Who! Haha, no, no. His Scottish doppelganger however…

Magical powers of hotness, maybe.

and milking