bluetoothtoaster replied to your post: Why is Russian Holmes so wonderful?

all of which describe it to a T. Heck, I even likes their version of the Sign of Four. That is a mark of genius.

The one you were saying is racist? I don’t remember it - which is good? It’s been soooo long since Granada Holmes was on all the time. Did Granada Holmes do Sign of Four? Wait, did Benny!Sherlock do it? Do I know the story but not the name? [insert more rhetorical questions]

I think I shall watch Russian SoF first so as to not be spoilt by all the crap.

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    Ah, oh, er. Well. It’s generally considered one of the best stories in Doctor Who, coming in very close to the top in...
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    Never seen Talons, I can’t judge :/ But it’s definitely the one that makes me the most uncomfortable.