Why is Russian Holmes so wonderful?

Why? Why?

It’s not particularly high budget, tho the sets and costuming seem quite good. (of course, it was filmed in the 70s, in Russia, so)

Two episodes in and the way the stories are laid out is not particularly fantastic (certainly not bad tho, but ok). I mean, they could use another 30 min to lay out the story really.

But the actors.. I think it’s mostly the actors. They’re wonderful. Most of these first two stories are filmed inside 221b Baker St, so basically it’s just Holmes and Watson talking, with very little incidental music, with long pauses…

It could be dry and boring, but it’s fantastic.

Holmes is just amazing, Watson too. Watson has lost his initial extreme tightness, now that he no longer thinks he’s living with a criminal. He still shows his military bearing, but his warmth comes through more. They’re so great together. Great chemistry, great sense of camaraderie - they already look like they’ve been together for years.

The music is also fantastic, and the opening credits are awesome.


  1. throw-tribbles-at-them said: all of which describe it to a T. Heck, I even likes their version of the Sign of Four. That is a mark of genius.
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